Why use Fantasy-Pro™?

Company success comes from successful employee culture. Improve your culture and reap the dividends. Humans need structure and accountability but processes don’t always have to be boring or forced. Would you rather have employees doing things because they have to or because they want to? Fantasy-Pro™ system was built specifically to reduce expense and drive employee engagement.

1) Employee Engagement
The GAME - Competition and results based off your operational priorities.
• Employees can draft a team of fellow workers and compete.
• Employees can simply compete as a player.
• Employees can compete as team managers and players.
• Supervisors will draft and manage teams as well.
Awareness - Game standings, team stats, player stats, and league rules.
Employee Recognition and Achievement - Fantasy managers, MVPs, and the Rookie Meter.
Since 2011, the top 3 motivators for employees are ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ACHIEVEMENT, and ACCEPTANCE.

2) Safety Culture
Employee Infractions - Set up safety infractions for an additional scoring element. Like in fantasy football, a fumble or interception will cost you points. You can set up Fantasy-Pro™ to account for unsafe behaviors as well as positive points for safe behaviors or accident free benchmarks.
Predictive Safety Tool - Load your information and use the slider bars to weight your priorities and determine at risk areas, jobs or employees for pointed supervisor focus.
Certification Tool - For tracking employee job class training, MHE certifications, HR compliance, or any other training you require. All online, easily stored and the ability to set when they are due for recertification if needed. A great tool for succession planning and development.
Safety News - Front page easily displays your messages and updates that you or your safety manager want to communicate.
Safety Streak - Another communication tool on the front page that shows your facility’s current accident free days streak. Can be by department if you have multiple areas.
Safety programs can be costly and poor safety cultures even more so.

3) New Hire Retention
Rookie Meter - Grow great employees and increase retention through engagement.
Managing a Team or Evaluating Employee Rankings - Engagement, communication, competition, and awareness, the game revolves around your operational priorities. Fantasy managers will have to draft players of different tiers (point totals) as well as new hires. The focus will be on ALL employees.
HR & Safety News - Ability to easily communicate to your employees as frequently as you would like to keep them aware of changes or news.
Custom Polling Tool - Ability to easily poll your employees for specific feedback.
Rolling Ticker and Impact Facts - For even more communication; could be any topic or news you want, some prefer to use it for daily volume or employee news.
Group Email Functionality - Easily send a group email to your employees.
New hire training and development is costly and can become a vacuum for your company if you struggle with turnover. Factor in the cost of finding new hires, interviewing, pre-employment screenings, trainer hours, trainee hours, productivity shortfall, and then factor in the costs that are hard to quantify like safety issues, quality headaches, sanitation struggles, additional equipment needs and overall operational drain?
What happens when you significantly reduce turnover and grow motivated employees? Productivity improves, Safety improves, quality improves, overtime expense is reduced, and your employee culture begins to excel.

Fantasy-Pro™ is more than a game; it is a complete system for building workforce culture.
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Safety
  • Engagement
  • Retention
  • Fun and Excitement

  • Improve the Culture, Play the Game